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 Art n Vintage Product Care

Good leather actually gets better with age and use.


 How to care for your Art N Vintage leather products



  •   Rub lightly with a soft damp cloth dipped in light shampoo solution.
  •   In the case of light-colored leather avoid dirt and oil.
  •   Leather’s worst enemies are oil/eggs/pen marks. They do not come out.
  •   Art n vintage’s light-colored leathers such as white, nude, and beak have a special finish, that adds as a protective layer, but this does not help against oil.


  •   Leather products should be well aired out or stored in the cloth bag.
  •   Do not enclose leather products in plastic bags for a long period of time.


  •   During monsoons, if fungus develops it should be rubbed off with a soft cloth dipped in a mild solution of Dettol.
  •   If soaked wet, the bag should be stuffed with paper to retain shape and left to dry naturally in shade.
  •   Do not dry in direct sunlight or with a hairdryer.
  •   Excess heat causes the leather to lose its luster and might become stiff.


  •   If leather products become dry and lustreless, apply a small amount of Art n vintage leather care cream.
  •   How to use the Art n vintage cream:
  •   Patch test on a less visible part of the leather to check how the cream reacts with the leather e.g. the bottom of your bag.
  •   Use a soft cloth/sponge.
  •   Rub lightly in a circular motion.
  •   Ensure it is worked into the seams and remove any excess cream with the cloth.
  •   Use the cream as needed to lubricate and replenish the original suppleness and sheen of natural leather.

            Note: The different absorption properties of each hide allow for unique textures and color variations.



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