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Leather is one of the most durable material available because of its longevity, versatility, and character to deal with daily wear and tear.

Leather products are investment pieces and that is why its needs special care to maintain the natural character of the leather. At the same time, it being a natural product certain inherent aging processes are unavoidable. On usage, with time the product either darkens or lightens under certain conditions, but again, that is the natural ageing process of good quality leather.

So, two main concerns come to our minds while using a leather product: one is, an attempt to keep it looking brand new and the other is caring for it in a way that it stays with us like a life story.

We at ANV leather repair and laundry will share some simple steps to keep that cherished leather product of yours always in a good condition with you.

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Care and Cleaning


Leather products are investment pieces and that’s why it needs special care to maintain the natural character. Lot of things like heat and dust affects it and makes it look duller. At ANV laundry special care procedures are conducted to replenish the natural oil and moisture of the leather and maintain the longevity of the product.


Recoloring and Refinishing


Leather being a natural product tend to lose the luster and colors after prolonged use. Here comes the role of ANV leather laundry repair and care, to work on it and restore it to its closest original state. Our expert team has an in depth knowledge of the leather characteristic and they treat it accordingly.



Repair and Restoration


Durability of leather makes it everyone’s favorite in long term usage. The elasticity of leather gives it the strength to sustain daily wear and tear. Still sometimes we come across some hardware breakage or surface damage caused due to dirt marks, a ripped up piece, a scratch mark or some loose thread. Our specialized team of craftsman are always there to do the magic and repair it back to its original form.




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